Direct to IELTS: Student's Book with Key - Sam McCarter

Direct to IELTS is a concise and practical course combining print and online materials to prepare students efficiently for all formats of the IELTS exam. 

The accompanying website contains four computer-based practice tests and downloadable workbook-style material, accessed through a unique code found at the back of the Student's Book.

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220 IELTS Speaking Topics + Audio

The present book is compiled to help IELTS candidates have easy access to ample IELTS Speaking samples, collected from various IELTS preparation course books. It contains 220 IELTS Speaking Topics that are arranged alphabetically to enable candidates to find the topics of their interest very quickly and easily.

This book also aims to build up the candidates speaking skill as well as their confidence by exposing them to useful expressions, and suggested tips.

It has an audio CD which contains 10 sample tests. The main purpose of the audio CD is to give the candidates enough confidence to organize their mind and answer the questions especially in part 2 86 3, when they are given intangible and abstract topics.

The book consists of three chapters. Chapter 1 starts with the format of the IELTS speaking module, scoring of the test, some suggested tips, and ends with the useful expressions.

Chapter 2 contains compiled topics which are sorted alphabetically and divided into three parts: part 1, part 2 and part 3 of the IELTS speaking test. 

The reference of each topic card is written right below the box and the reference of the round-up questions are brought in front of the questions. For the questions which lack reference and page number, the reference is already given in bolded form in front of the previous questions.

In Chapter 3, the real test topic samples are sorted alphabetically for the easy use. At the end of the book, there is a check list of Dos and Don'ts which is strongly recommended.

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Hot English Magazine - Number 174

Are you learning English? Or are you an English teacher? 

Either way... if you're looking for a fun and interesting English magazine for learning or teaching English then you've come to the right place. 

Hot English magazine is a leading English resource. Its fun and colourful approach to teaching real English as it's spoken by native speakers is popular around the world. 

Loved by both students and teachers, there's something for everyone and all levels in Hot English magazine.

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Skills for the TOEFL iBT Test: Reading and Writing

If you feel overwhelmed by the complexity of TOEFL, Collins Skills for the TOEFL iBT Test can help. This book helps you handle the integrated aspect of the tasks in the test, and give you tips and strategies for the different question types you will face. 

Collins Skills for the TOEFL iBT Test is a two book series (1 Listening/Speaking; 2 Reading/Writing) to help learners prepare for the 'Test of English as a Foreign Language', used by over 7,500 institutions in 130 countries as a measure of language ability. 

To date, 25 million learners have taken the test around the world. In particular these books are aimed at helping learners handle the integrated-skill aspect of the test, where they are required to produce responses based on mixed input. 

The books help learners to familiarise with the TOEFL test. Learners focus on improving their skills and test-taking times for specific sections of the test, and look at solutions for how to overcome the most common challenges of the test. The books provide clear strategies and tips to help learners improve their score. 

* Quick Guide: question overviews give learners an easy reference to the characteristics of each question type 
* Challenges and Solutions: these sections offer strategy and skills reviews to help learners learn how to overcome the most common challenges. 
* Get it right: gives a quick overview of the most important steps for doing well on each question type and includes useful vocabulary and expressions 
* Answer Analysis: teaches learners how to rule out distracter answer options 
* Progressive Practice: encourages independent learning by offering a graded progression of content and task sets 
* Review Test sections: offer timed TOEFL test-taking guides and help learners practice what they've learned in a simulated environment 
* Audio CD: enables effective TOEFL practice 
* Highly experienced author team, who have written TOEFL materials before and worked as teachers preparing learners for the test.

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English Unlocked Book 3 Pre-Intermediate

Learn 500 useful English words and expressions with this all-in-one, self-study English-learning book series with reading, listening and language activities. 

Improve your reading, listening and pronunciation skills. Grammar, language, pronunciation, listening and reading activities and exercises so you can really improve and move up a level! 

English for travel, work, exams and life! Texts on culture, business, travel, music, films, language leaning and lots, lots more! Plus lesson-planning notes in our special Teacher's Guide. 

Move up a level NOW! Guaranteed!

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